Private Investors… What’s In It For You?

You might know that I help people build wealth passively, through the vehicle of property.

But have you ever wondered why people invest?

Why would people with funds want to work with me?

In this blog I’ll be exploring the reasons of what’s in it for them as private investors.

First of all, a key reason people choose to invest is that it gives them somewhere safe to invest their funds.

They realise that property is a good solid asset, and is unlikely to be stolen or magically disappear or reduce in value, like stocks, shares and other volatile online investment vehicles.

Property is a safe investment option, because it’s a tangible asset which really exists.

That’s why we have the phrase “Safe as Houses”! 🏠

Another great reason people choose to work with me is that they know it involves socially responsible investing.

They’re not putting their money into dubious activities, products or gambling – they are directly benefitting local families by providing housing.

There’s nothing more socially responsible than helping low-income families get a safe, secure home to comfortably bring their kids up in.

Here’s another key reason that I know many people want to invest with me: it gives them the chance to help me help others.

Not only does it help provide housing for people, it helps me build my own future, and it helps them build their own wealth!

It’s nice to be nice, it gives you a good feeling inside. It is often said that we rise by lifting others, and that helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life.

I fully believe this, in fact I even wrote a blog on the subject – do click here to have a read!

At present in Britain, there is a severe housing shortage. Every year we need an extra 300,000 homes in addition to the new ones that have been built, just to keep up with demand.

Investing with me gives you the knowledge that you’re helping create much-needed homes.

Demand vastly outstrips supply, which means your investment funds are providing a much-needed commodity.

There’ll always be a need for housing, meaning there’ll always be investment required to fund this, meaning you will be financially rewarded for the value you provide through investment funding.

Finally, a good draw for private investors is that they have the opportunity to make far more interest on their funds than they would by having it sat in the bank.

If you have £20,000 idly sitting in your high street bank, at current Bank of England interest rates, you are only likely to make around 25p interest per month.

Whereas if you put that £20,000 into one of my property projects, you are guaranteed a minimum of 6% per annum, which means you would receive £1200 interest per annum – which equals £100 a month in interest!

That’s a much better return than 25 pence, isn’t it?!?

How can I afford to give you such a high return?

Well, that’s because of the magic of uplifting the values of property development.

There’s always enough money in the deal to enable me to do this, and you deserve a great return for your trust in me and helping me deliver these projects.

Win-win for all!

You help me provide housing, and I help you grow your wealth passively within short periods of time.

It’s a great feeling to give someone back a large chunk of money in interest, knowing you have effectively beaten the banks!

So there we have it: a range of reasons explored as to what’s in it for private investors who choose to invest in my property project opportunities. 

If you would like to discuss becoming an investment partner to gain these benefits, do book in to have a call with me, by clicking the link below.

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