Property Type: 3 bedroom mid-terrace property in Leeds

Details: This property was totally empty at purchase, having been stripped bare of all fixtures, fittings, pipework…there was absolutely nothing in it!!

But from this blank canvas, we added a new kitchen, bathroom, central heating system, part rewire and new electrics, and now a local family have lived there cheerily ever since!

Purchase Price: £58,995

Revaluation: £105,000

Monthly Rental Income: £698.10


Property Type: End terrace property in Leeds

Details: When viewing this I saw scope to change it from a two-bedroomed house into a three bedroomed house – so that’s what we did!

This was a probate property and was very dated, with decor remaining from the 1970s. There was a gaping hole in the roof to be fixed, broken gutters, no lintel in the living room window, meaning this had to be rectified with structural work. Lots of replastering to do, in fact every part of every room had to be refurbished!

It now has a smart airy finish, and is my favourite property in the portfolio – wish I lived here myself!

However a local family have happily settled in and are busy making a fresh start in this lovely property.

Purchase Price: £60,000

Revaluation: £105,000

Monthly Rental Income: £698.10


Property Type: 3 bedroom end terrace property in Leeds

Details: This large and roomy property had been empty for quite a while when I purchased it. Someone had already had a go at trying to bring it back into use, but it was a very poor go, and there were lots of bodges to put right. The whole project had been abandoned in a very grim and grimy state and left to rot.

Key works on this property included a course of damp proofing, new heating system, roof repairs, new kitchen, bathroom and I particularly enjoyed installing a pretty electric freestanding fire as a fireplace feature in the living room.

The same family continues to live there since refurbishment.

Purchase Price: £66,000

Revaluation: £105,000

Monthly Rental Income: £675.00

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