The Benefits of Renting to Tenants on Benefits!

 The Benefits of Renting to Tenants on Benefits!

You might know that I have a property rental portfolio here in Leeds.

What you might not know is that half of my single let rentals are occupied by tenants on benefits.

Now whilst benefits tenants often get a bad reputation, many low-income families are just like you and me: decent, pleasant people, that have found themselves in a certain situation.

Being on benefits does not mean that you are a write-off, or a bad person. It does not mean you are scum, a degenerate, a waster, or any of the other negative connotations the media try to impose on us.

Of course, there are some people who aren’t as savoury as we would hope, throughout all areas of life – but we cannot tar everyone with the same brush.

Not all benefits tenants are bad ones, in the same surprising way that not all high paid ‘professional tenants’ look after the property and pay their rent – as some of my landlord friends will vouch for! 😱

As with anybody, carefully check out your prospective tenants, and be convinced that they are a good choice.

So here’s my reasons for the benefits of renting to tenants on benefits:

✳️ They are usually families, looking for a long term home, which means they stay longer.

✳️ There are lots of them looking for housing, as the council has a severe shortage of available local housing authority accommodation.

✳️ Often the council will provide a deposit for them or a scheme whereby they will fix damaged items

✳️ You can request for the rent to be paid directly to yourself as landlord. This massively reduces the risk of rent not getting paid.

✳️ You are helping vulnerable families by giving them a chance to build themselves a secure lifestyle, and a steady foundation for their children to progress in the future…

… because that’s exactly what happened to me.

I’m the product of a single parent on benefits. And although we were poor, our council house was immaculate, and we tried hard to improve our situation.

I’m not scum, a reprobate, a degenerate, a lowlife, or any of those things.

I’m a good person, just like my tenants are.

I was a kid who had a good grounding to want to do better than the situation I found myself in.

A couple of these kids in my class are from benefits families, can you tell which? 
Of course you can’t – but all kids deserve a decent start in life!

I appreciate everything, because I still remember what it means to have nothing.

And that’s exactly why I choose to rent to low income families – because I’ve been there, and know how important is it for someone to just give you a chance and believe in you.

So as there’s over 3 million people claiming housing benefit in Britain… why not consider renting to them?!?

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