My name is Kellyann Martin and I am a property investor.

I specialise in increasing people’s wealth by investing in residential property for rental in Leeds.  

I have been a landlord since 2008, and my rental portfolio is a mix of single lets and multi-let units, with my favourite type being providing rental houses for families. 

Currently, over 11 million people in Britain rent their homes, and with more and more people struggling to get on the housing ladder, that figure is increasing.

Here in Leeds, there is a serious shortage of rental housing, yet Leeds City Council tell me that there are nearly 4000 houses sitting empty.  

I assist the rental market by using private investment to buy houses to create accommodation. 

We refurbish dilapidated properties to provide good quality, safe and comfortable homes – which are then rented out to local families.

The next few years will see accelerated growth in the business, expanding the portfolio and supplying many more much-needed homes.

Would you like to be part of that growth?

Your investment makes a real difference to local people. 

The benefit to you is that you receive an additional hands-free passive income for investing your funds. 


Let me count the ways!


Armchair investing is easy to do and low risk. Put quite simply, you invest capital into a property project. 

Meanwhile we invest time, effort, skills, local knowledge, education and project manage the entire refurbishment and contractors, adding value and enhancing equity to the property.

You simply invest passively on a short-term basis and gain great returns.


If you want more than just knowing you are generating a great return on your funds, here’s a way to ensure that you are helping to create social good locally by providing good quality safe homes for local families.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that making great returns is important.

But even better is getting that great, warm glow feeling inside, knowing that you’ve done a good thing to help improve someone else’s life and you have had a direct impact on their wellbeing and happiness.


You’ve always dreamed of getting into property… but you don’t know how.  

I will happily help you gain professional property training and education with experienced and reputable trainers.


I was born and bred in Leeds, have lived here all my life, even went to the universities here, and thus doubt I will ever leave my beautiful town.

Leeds has much to offer everyone in terms of scenery, commerce, workforce, venues, attractions, education, transport links, development and property… 

   …why would I ever leave?!?


I love to travel, enjoy visiting restaurants, and am active as Secretary in our local Morley Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

My favourite hobby is volunteering for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, where I am Commanding Officer of a local squadron of young people.   

Here we train and develop air cadets in various skills and activities, which I absolutely love.

As a true Yorkshire lass, nobody hates losing money as much as me!   

I am conscientious and diligent with financial figures, because it’s just not in my nature to disappoint people or let folk down.

My vision is already a reality, now it’s just a case of expanding rapidly. The education, experience and confidence I have means my motivation to succeed in building a large rental empire is very determined. 

So thanks for visiting my website…   

Let me know how I can help you!

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