The Throstle Lane project is now fully complete, tenanted and making rental income.

There’s some transformation shots of the works included in this post, because everyone loves seeing the before and after differences!

The final tally of the refurbishment cost for this house has been my most expensive project refurbishment yet… but there was a vast amount of things to put right in order to make the property safe and lettable.

The missing lintel structural wall defect fix and gaping hole in the roof definitely played their part in stretching the budget! 

However, there are always unknowns and unforeseen extra works which pop up in any property project – the only thing you can be guaranteed of is to expect the unexpected!

So it is always better to pay the cost of getting things fixed right at the start to ensure a safe, watertight home for the tenant, and thus lessen the likelihood of problems arising once the property is occupied.

The tenant family are settling in nicely and really enjoying their new home – which has been a fabulous fresh start in a new area of Leeds for them.

Leeds City Council are paying the tenant’s rent as she is a single mother claiming benefits – and to lessen the risk for me, they are paying the rent direct to myself every four weeks. A win-win for all!

This superb story has been made possible by the kindness of the private investors for trusting me with their funds:

# A dilapidated property brought back into use

# A tenant family housed

# A great return to be generated on the private investment funding

# …and a superb example of social responsibility beneficial impact in the local area.

What’s not to love?!?

Thanks for reading!

If you’d also like to be involved in a future project where your funds can be deployed in a socially responsible investment creating great homes for local families, get in touch for a discussion.

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