Ever since I can remember, I have loved the smell of a new carpet.
Call me weird, but there’s something distinctly pleasant about laying down on a new carpet and breathing in its delightful fresh scent.
So you can imagine how excited I get on carpet day – that is, the day of the refurbishment project when the fitter turns up with his vanful of wares – ie the carpet you chose the week before.

I readily “roll out the red carpet” for him, and by the way, it really is worth paying extra to have them professionally fitted. I have tried the DIY carpet fitter role myself, and it just ends up looking like a bodge job. 

Bizarrely, no matter how much other refurb work you do in the house, it still always looks unfinished until the floor coverings go down. This covers up a multitude of sins; mainly old floorboards covered with scruffy paint splashes for the decoration.

So fitting the carpets is pretty much the last stage in the project schedule, meaning the end is nigh; your house renovation is nearly finished!
But, some people get their rug in a twist over what sort of carpet to buy for a rental property. If that’s you, don’t worry: I wouldn’t let anyone pull the rug from under you – I’ve got you covered! (groannn…)

Let me take you on a magic carpet ride to Carpet Choice Kingdom…

Points to consider when choosing a carpet for a rental property: 

1. Pick one that’s tough and hard wearing. You don’t want to be replacing it quite imminently.
2. Make sure it is felt-backed, as it feels softer underfoot.
3. Bleachproof is best, as the inevitable always happens! So at least give the tenants a chance at getting their stains out.
4. Pick a neutral colour, but not too light – it hides minor stains.
5. Pick a pattern at your peril! They date quite quickly, and often have the effect of making a room look smaller.
6. Underlay, underlay?! Arriba!! It depends on your budget and the smoothness of the floorboards underneath, so I don’t think it’s always a necessity. Make a judgement yourself – and don’t let the carpet salesmen walk all over you!
7. Finally, get a pile fabric instead of a loop style carpet. The reason for this is that if a tenant has a pet, if their claws catch on a loop, it snags and rips an entire thread out of the carpet, meaning you’re left with a long, unrepairable threadbare snag line.

And that’s it!

I’m sure you’re not too floored by these revelations, but I hope you hoovered them all up and that these tips help!
PS – Don’t be shy about protecting your new carpet – you want your expensive asset to last as long as possible after all.I have no qualms at asking potential new tenants to remove their shoes on house viewings. If they get stroppy about that, then perhaps they’ve done you a favour in showing you that they’re not the type of respectful tenant you’d want living in your investment anyway!  PPS – I can only apologise for my excessive use of carpet-related puns in this blog. I’m sure, like an old carpet, you’re a little worn out by them, but I’m on a roll; I just can’t help myself! I got all these terrible puns from my other carpet-loving friend. Polly Esther.  Definitely it now, take care… and carpet diem x

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