Best Business Highlights of 2021… a reflective look back over the year

Well, 2021 was a funny old year for business, what with Covid continuing to cause chaos, and the property market going wild!

Nevertheless, a steady year, and here’s a couple of business highlights that happened: 

✅ Completed refurbishment on a buy-to-let property, which has turned out to be the best-performing rental in the portfolio

✅ Appeared as a guest on a couple of podcasts 

✅ Gave investors a vast chunk of money for their investment 

✅ Continued to provide homes for people

✅ A magazine published a nice article about my property work

✅ Got a super eco grant for upgrading heating 

✅ Began networking again, and continued to meet lovely people and build relationships 

✅ Enrolled and completed an educational mentorship programme, ready to progress to the next stage of my property career

✅ My property business turned 5 years old, a good solid business birthday to reach! 🎉

So at least some decent things happened, and next year I shall continue to try hard, and hope you do the same.

Because remember: giving up on your goals because of a setback is like slashing your other three tyres because one is flat!

A very happy new year from me, and I thank you kindly and gratefully for following my work this year. 

KM 😊 x

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