Here’s a little insight in what happens during a typical day for for me.

And of course it is not the same every day, some days I am lucky enough to be able to not do anything!

But here is what I did today:

I got up and ready, and then walked my dog Jerry Lee around his favourite park.
Then I went to my latest refurbishment project where a handyman came to look at my outstanding jobs, with a view to giving me a quote for them.

After that I did a bit of DIY myself.

I had been desperate to have a go at renovating a fireplace in a bedroom which I’ve been boarded up for years. And with masking tape and spray paint, I sprayed the fireplace a gloss black, and I was very chuffed with myself seeing the finished result, which was actually very good!

I don’t normally do a lot of the DIY myself in my projects, bar a bit of painting – because it’s a longstanding joke with my refurb works and houses that anything I touch, I inadvertently trash or destroy.
So the fireplace outcome was a nice surprise!

Then I spoke to a plasterer on the phone, as I need someone to take over the kitchen ceiling, after yesterday’s fiasco, where yesterday’s plasterer had a tantrum with his own work – ie plaster not sticking to the ceiling – got himself in a strop and walked off the job.

After that the solicitor rang me, informing me that completion was due to take place today on a remortgage I have been working on for months, but suddenly at the last hurdle they haven’t got my ID, and can I fill in some bizarre online app? 

I informed him that this app wouldn’t work because I had already used it with another colleague of his firm on another mortgage case, and could he access my details in that same firm?
Apparently not, common sense would not prevail, I was sent a different app for ID checks, as if I hadn’t already sent them proof of ID via email months ago.

Then a roofer came to look at my project roof, as again I have been unlucky with contractors this time around, as the roofer that had been booked in for weeks and weeks last week turned around and said he didn’t want to do my job and here was my deposit back.

After that, I left my project and drove to another property I have close by, to check on how the plaster was drying for the insulation and plasterboard work on the external walls. I had managed to get these works through government grants.

I also put the surplus electric wall heaters in my car to get them out of the way, as the plasterers had removed them during their work, and the government grant also includes installation of first-time central heating, so the heaters are now obsolete at this property.

And then I got annoyed with myself for forgetting to bring the tenant the plug-in electric heater I had promised to fetch as a temporary measure until the gas central heating is installed.

After I left, the mortgage broker rang me to query the ID kerfuffle and then yet again I had to scan and send my driving licence. For the record, the Tiny Scanner app on my phone has proved very useful very often, well worth the money!

Then I went and viewed an off-market property in my patch, arranged through a contact I have. This property had been abandoned 10 years ago, as the couple had disappeared off to Thailand to live in his wife’s native country. The house was reasonable, still needs a fair bit of work, but there is a derelict garden of chaos and a dodgy lean-to at the back which is a real concern, along with some structural crack worries, which make me nervous.

It’s not my usual type of house – it’s in a very nice area, and the end value will be much higher that every other rental house in my portfolio. It is probably more suited to a flip project, because of the area and end user, so I’ll have to have a serious think about that one, because flips are not my usual strategy.

On my way home I decided to call off at a sandwich shop for some dinner. I was going to go get some bacon from the supermarket, but decided to support a local business instead during this difficult time. I wish I’d gone with my first idea; when I opened my sandwich to discover a measly two rashers of bacon! 😤

After dinner I dealt with an email, leading me to an ID app which required me to scan my passport, and then shock of horrors, to take a selfie to compare. This horrendous selfie looked nothing like my passport photo, I am sure that the solicitor had a right good laugh at the dreadful shot the app captured!

Nevertheless, a short while later, the solicitor rang to say that the remortgage had completed. So now I will have a cheaper mortgage on a house I have owned over three years, with a better rate – and a nice little surprise was that the remortgage released some funds I was not expecting, so that was a nice Brucie bonus!

Then I remembered I’d not yet put any content on my social media platforms today, so I fashioned a little video out of some photos of the fireplace I took earlier, and uploaded it to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

After that I tried to deal with another email from the eco-grant company. I must admit, I hate dealing with emails and admin, especially when it involves doing things like printing off boring forms, filling them in, signing them, only to then scan them and send them back online.

I tried to do this, the printer wouldn’t be recognised on my phone to print the documents, then I realised my WiFi password had changed recently and that was probably the problem.

I then got distracted by a message on my SpareRoom account, a lady wanting to discuss moving into my empty HMO room.
I was keen to ring her, until I realised she was still in Poland; my tight Yorkshire phone bill also doesn’t like being ripped off! 😆
Potential HMO tenants don’t ever get a viewing without me speaking to them on the phone, and indeed I have probably turned away 20 potential people in the last six weeks for that room because they have been unsuitable candidates.
So am now awaiting reply from that lady in request for an online video call to discuss.

Tried to call a contractor to discuss his emailed quote, no answer. This is not uncommon. I spend half my working life trying to ring around and chase up people who never get back to you.

Then I remembered that there were still those wall heaters in my car boot. Brought them into my house; need to work out what I will now do with these surplus items, because my shed is now overrun with surplus furniture items and refurbishment materials.

I also then remembered that I had left the bedroom window open at my project, like a buffoon, from when I was aerosol spray painting earlier.

So went back down to the house to shut the window and by that time it was teatime, and thus, time for a Friday night takeaway pizza! 🍕

Things I didn’t yet get done today:
⁃ Print and complete those boring forms
⁃ Manage to get chance to watch my online property group meeting
⁃ View application forms for potential tenants for another house I have coming empty
⁃ Email that tenant final details for check out
⁃ Manage to speak to any contractors after their visits
⁃ Speak to potential HMO lady
⁃ Take that tenant plug-in heaters
⁃ Check progress of other mortgage currently ongoing
⁃ Check figures and comparables for the house I viewed and make offer

Busy busy busy!

As hard as I try, I can’t do everything, don’t forget, I work for and by myself.
My business is growing at the rate where soon I won’t be able to do everything myself.
Another couple of houses and I reckon I’ll be overwhelmed if I don’t outsource!


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