The Yorkshire Mentality of ‘Gerronwi’it’

Ey up my lovelies, it’s Yorkshire Day!

So what better time to talk about one of me favourite Yorkshire words than today?

The word in question is GERRONWI’IT.

Which in translation for all you non-Yorkshire folk simply means “hurry up and do what you said you were going to do!”

I’m writing about this today, because it seems that a large percentage of people I meet in life and property circles have a real tendency to not just gerronwi’it.

Now I know for most people wanting to progress in business, there will inevitably be a period of learning and education, getting things in place etc etc … but then some folk procrastinate forever and do not actually do owt to get things moving.




It’s baffling to see; it’s almost as if they are scared to take the first step in case they fail immediately. 

I see these people frequently at various networking events: they tell me all about their plans, and months and months later, they still haven’t done anything about it since!

One chap that particularly makes me chuckle is the ‘Property Investor’ guy who’s not yet bought his first house in the last fifteen times/months I’ve seen him at events. At some point in the next twenty years he may actually be ready to crack on, who knows? 

Sometimes you’ve just got to do your business, or get off the potty!

Will they ever be ready to proceed?

Are they planning to take the first step at some point in the next century?

How long will it be before all those ducks are finally lined up in a row?

In short, are they ever going to gerronwi’it?!?


I don’t even know why I get so infuriated about other people and their lack of progress, it’s nowt to do wi me – but I just can’t register why people don’t do what they say they’re going to do!

Another phrase we have up here is “all mouth and no trousers (action)”

I hope that’s not you!!

I think it’s better to have a go at someat and fail than fail to try at all. 


After all, the average person only gets 4000 weeks to live – so why would you waste loads of them faffing about? 


How many weeks have you used?!

Find out here…


How can you make progress and get to where you want to be if you don’t actually do ‘owt?!?

Here in Yorkshire, we generally have a tough mindset meaning we have a go at owt – cos we know if you do nowt, nowt happens. 

And now that Yorkshire’s finally caught up with the rest of Britain, i.e. we’ve got running water, leccy AND t’interweb – there’s no excuse to do any skiving!




So I believe there’s two types in folk in the world: ‘Gunners’ and ‘Gerronwi’its’.

As in “I’m gunner do this, I’m gunner do that…”

Oh aye, are you now?

Reyt, well gerronwi’it then. 

Instead of wittering about it forever.

So here’s my request from the beautiful White Rose county: please don’t waste any more of your valuable time.


Be a little Tyke and adopt the Yorkshire mentality – and then apply it to your business and entire life.

Wanna do someat?


So what type of person are you?!

Mek a decision about whether you’re a gunner or gerronwi’it.


And if you’re ever up here in God’s own country, give us a shout, and I will bully you into the right answer!


Have a great day, tek care, and sithee soon,

Kellyann x x x



PS  – if you’d like to see some examples of where I just gorronwi’it, please visit my website at

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