My Top Five Reasons Why Being in Property is Great

Here are my top five reasons why being in property is great!

Here we go…

Number 1: You get to help people.

First and foremost, you are providing homes for tenants. There’s a real shortage of rental accommodation, and if you can help provide that service, it benefits both parties. 

A great reason to start with!


Number 2: You play the role of magician!

There’s something very special about making a superb transformation. 

You take an utter grotbox of a house, throw a little magic dust / good contractors / cash and effort at it, et voilá: one great refurbished house!

It feels good to be able to bring dilapidated housing stock back into use. 

Nobody wants to see them rot and go to rack and ruin anyway – not in my beautiful Leeds! 


Number 3: You only have to do the real hard work once.

I love single let housing. 

Once you’ve done the hard work; ie refurbished them to a good standard and rented them out to a lovely tenant, there’s actually very little to do.

Yes, there might be the occasional inspection to do, or a couple of times a year the tenant will ring with a maintenance problem that’s arisen to be fixed… but on the whole, these rentals just keep ticking away nicely.

What’s not to love?!? 


Number 4: Property gives you the freedom to do whatever you like!

Looking after a rental portfolio doesn’t actually take up a lot of time, meaning you have a good amount of freedom to choose how you spend your time.

And I love doing whatever I like!


Last one!

Number 5: Investors lend you money towards property projects, and you give them a superb return for it.

In this particular case study in Leeds, we used a legal loan agreement for the investor to lend me funds to purchase this house.

I refurbished the property to a good standard, uplifted the value, and placed a tenant family in it as their long-term home.

Then I put a mortgage on the house, and drew out most of the uplifted equity. 

This enabled me to repay the investor back his capital, plus a very healthy return – which was much better than anything he could have received in interest from high street banks! 


Investment funds in this project were returned in 9 months and 3 days. 🗓 

The investor made a superb profit passively; I helped him, and he helped me, and we both helped that tenant family! 

If you’d have cash sitting in a bank making poor returns – get in touch to discuss employing funds in a project like this to make you a far better return on investment.








Kellyann Martin is a Property Investment Strategist based in Leeds.

For more details on working with Kellyann, visit

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