The Best Way To Pack a Skip


Skip to it! 
 Sometimes there’s just too much junk to take down to the tip!
So what do we do?

I’ll tell you now: We go and book a skip!(I’m a poet and I know it!)

Dilemmas with a skip:– Will it all go in?- What if it’s overfilled and they won’t take it?- Or worse, it’ll cost me a surcharge for being overfilled?!- What if some wretch dumps their junk in it before I’ve filled it with mine?

Here’s some top tips on the best way to pack or fill a skip, so you don’t have gaping holes wasting space (and money!)

 1. Before the skip arrives, prepare everything you want to go in it in one place. Then you can see everything at once, which will make it easier for sorting a sequence of item placement…

2. As soon as your skip arrives, get cracking! Or someone else will fill it for you…Start with your flat items first, cupboard doors, worktop etc. But don’t just whang stuff in willy-nilly, lay them down neatly in the bottom of the skip in a lovely pile, OCD-style. We’re making a tightly-packed skip, like the world’s best jigsaw puzzle – every gap must be filled!

3. Put your old bath in the bottom, then fill this neatly with wood, and broken tiles. Smashed tile rubbish debris can also be used to fill in any small gaps that occur as you go.

4. Break down as much as you can into flat pieces, ie kitchen units, cupboards, table. A hammer will help with this, and it is good therapy to smash stuff up and not get arrested for it! Lay your smaller flat pieces down, making sure nothing sticks up above the skip fill level.

5. Folding old carpets means there is too much bulk and space taken up. Use a Stanley knife to cut the carpets into smaller sections, and then either roll each section up tightly, or lay the pieces flat on top of each other. Ditto with old underlay underlay, arriba! Save one ‘skip sized piece’ of carpet / similar to put on top of the entire skip.

6. Continue filling, neatly, methodically, with an obsession for filling out every gap. You’re paying for all that air space left in the skip otherwise, so get your fill and get your money’s worth. Woe betide if you have to book another skip! Squash everything down as you go.

7. Once full, ideally not sticking up above the skip level, use your last carpet piece to cover the entire contents. This stops things blowing out or falling out and looks super-neat. Yay!

8. Ring the skip company immediately to say it’s level and full, come and pick it up asap please! Otherwise you will find that magically overnight, some lovely neighbour may do a dump-and-run of their own random junk on top of your lovely neat skip, and then suddenly your full skip will be overfull. So get rid of it as soon as you can, because rubbish attracts more rubbish!
 Can’t believe I forgot to take a picture before the last carpet went on!
My OCD took on a frenzy!
Just take it from me that it was IMMACULATELY packed underneath, like pencils in a tin.

And that’s it!
Congratulate yourself on safely and responsibly getting rid of waste, and reward yoursen with a sandwich.


One last bit of help:
Things you can’t put in a skip:

(I’d like to add corpses to this list as well… )
Thanks for reading!

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