❤️Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ 5 things I LOVE about property! 🥰❤️

Ah, the season of LURRRRRVE! ❤️🥰😍

Today I will share with you my love of property, and why it features so highly in my affections… so here’s 5 things I love about it! 😍🏠

❤️ 1. How property is magic and transformational ❤️

You take an utter wreck of a house, give it a little love and care and tenderness (and a shedload of refurbishment money!) et voilá, it magically transforms into a lovely cute little property, all smart and tidy!


❤️2. Putting families in homes ❤️

Creating a rental property means you have a home for a family to make memories in. My target audience is families, often low income people, often with children. I have housed families who have found themselves homeless and domestic violence escapees, which I find really fulfilling and a worthwhile task.

It’s never too late to live happily ever after!


❤️3. Giving private investors loads of interest ❤️

If you’ve had £30,000 sitting in a bank account for the last year, you will have made around £3 in interest, or roughly 25p a month on your thirty grand… big wow, eh?!? 😱😤

I love being able to give great chunks of money to private investors who have trusted me with their funds – and their generous investment returns enable them to buy way more than a cheap box of chocolates!


❤️4. How property always increases in value ❤️

You know how you give something love and that love expands??

That happens to property… if you treat it nice and look after it well, it will always increase in value.

Think back to when your parents and grandparents were young lovers… and between them in the 1980s/70s/60s etc, they managed to buy themselves a whole house for a can of Coke and a king size Twix… well not quite, but you get the idea!

Those £5000 property purchases are now likely worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What’s not to love about increasing house value?!?


❤️5. How it creates passive income – you do the work once and get paid forever! ❤️

Oh passive income, shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?!? Thou art more lovely for allowing me to have time and life freedom to do all the things I enjoy!

But let’s be fair here: I do work hard when I need to, and in the past I have worked hard enough building my portfolio so that now I don’t have to work hard – if I don’t choose to.

Time freedom: there’s nothing I love more about property than that!


So there we go, fair readers: I’ve managed to spread the love about property… 😍

And don’t forget, if you’d like to know more about investing or working together, do visit my website, or follow me on all the social media platforms.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! ❤️💐💖

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